Im afraid this is my last post. Im deleting this account for a more up to date account that I use frequently.


You can find me here <3

Ill be posting my photography

What The Hell Do You Want? I’m Tired Of It.

Some people just confused the hell out of me. I mean nothing to you. You treat me like shit. But yet you still text me all the time! What the hell do you want! If I’m just your entertainment, then get out of my god damn life! Oh and because the way you present your city isn’t fucking biased at all.
I need to calm down I’m just confused. What’s the point? Why do you still text me if I’m pointless. Why doo you always avoid that topic too. I’m fucking tired of the games.

If there is a legit, good reason for you wanting to stay in contact with me, then I better know soon because right now this is looking like nothing but you treating me like shit because you can and want too.